Enhance Font Display on MacBook Pro with Retina Display

User with latest MacBook Pro with Retina display may experience blurry fonts when running Visual Paradigm software.

Standard display (left) and Retina display (right)

To enhance the font display:

  1. Go to bin folder of Visual Paradigm software installation directory. Right click on the executable and select Show Package Contents.

    Show package content for the APP

  2. Go into the Contents folder, and right click on the Info.plist file and open it with text editor.

    Edit Info.plist file

  3. Add the key NSHighResolutionCapable with value true. Save and exit the text editor.

    Adding “NSHighResolutionCapable” key with value equals to “true”.

  4. Duplicate the executable.

    Duplicate the APP

  5. Delete the original executable.

    Delete the original APP

  6. Rename the executable duplicated at step4 to the original name.

After that the VP software will show with fine fonts. We will keep enhance the icons and tune the UI to meet the retina-qualify.

Download Software Installer and No Install Package

Visual Paradigm’s software installer and No Install can be downloaded from Visual Paradigm’s website.

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