Unable to Launch VP Software Installer on Mountain Lion

User running the latest Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) may experience problem that unable to mount the VP’s software installer image.

Warning when mounting VP’s software installer image

This problem is caused by the Gatekeeper feature introduced in Mountain Lion blocking the mounting of the installer image. To solve this problem:

  1. Open the System Preferences dialog, and enter Gatekeeper in the search box. This should automatic highlight the Security & Privacy setting for you.

    Open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy setting

  2. Goes into the Security & Privacy setting, and click the Lock icon at the bottom left corner to unlock for change.

    Unlock for editing

  3. Change the Allow applications downloaded from option to Mac App Store and identified developers.

    Allow From App Store and Identified Developers

After alter this setting you will be prompted when mounting the downloaded installer image.

Mounting VP software installer image file

Just click Open to proceed, and the installer image will be mounted.

Installer image successfully mounted and installer can be launch

Alternatively you can also use the No Install package to bypass the installation and adjust of the setting. Details about setup the software with No Install package can be found inside the user’s guide sections below.

Download Software Installer and No Install Package

Visual Paradigm’s software installer and No Install can be downloaded from Visual Paradigm’s website.

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