How to Configure VP Online perform authentication with Microsoft Azure

VP Online provides a web based platform for perform various modeling and diagraming work. For team users they can configure VP Online to perform user authentication with Microsoft Azure. In this article we will show you how to configure VP Online and Azure to perform user authentication.

To configure VP Online perform authentication with Microsoft Azure:

  1. Login to VP Online.

    Login to VP Online workspace

  2. Select Administration under your name.

    Administrate VP Online

  3. Select System Tools > Single Sign-On.

    Select Single Sign-On

  4. Enter name of your Single Sign-On service under Identity Provider (IDP) Name.

    Specify the name of the server

  5. Login to your Azure account and select Azure Active Directory.
  6. Select App Registrations and press the New application registration button.

    Select App registration under Azure Active Directory

  7. Specify the name of your application, and copy the Single Sign-on (ACS) URL from VP Online to the Sign-on URL of the Azure application.

    Specify the name and URL of the application

  8. Press Create button to create the application.
  9. Press the Settings button in the application.

    Open application settings

  10. Select Properties under Settings.

    Select Properties

  11. Copy the Audience URI (SP Entity ID) form VP Online to App ID URI of Azure application properties. Save the change.

    Copy APP ID URI

  12. Press the name of your Azure application under Settings tab.

    Open application

  13. Select Properties, specify Yes to User assignment required? and then save the change.

    Turn on user assignment for the application

  14. Select Users and groups and press Add user button.

    Add user

  15. Click on the Users and groups and select the users who need to access to VP Online via Azure authentication. Press Select once the selection is done.

    Select users

  16. Press Assign button to confirm the assignment.
  17. Now go to Azure Active Directory > App Registrations > Endpoints.

    Select Endpoints under App registrations

  18. Save the FEDERATION METADATA DOCUMENT. If your browser doesn’t support saving the document from the link you can then copy the link to clipboard and paste it to the address bar of your browser to open the document, then save it to your local machine.

    Download metadata file

  19. Go back to VP Online and upload the FEDERATION METADATA DOCUMENT to the IDP metadata. Press Apply button to proceed.

    Upload metadata file to VP Online

  20. Press OK on the confirmation dialog.

    Confirm to proceed

  21. Now you will being logged out and redirect to perform a re-login using your Azure account. The Azure account perform the login will become the administrator of your VP Online.

    Login with Azure

You can then start invite other members to join in. Please note that those members must be the users being assigned to your Azure application for login via Azure.


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