Create Frame in Web Diagram

VP Online provides diagram editor for user to create various kind of diagrams (UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, ERD, AWS, Azure, etc…) via web browser. In this article you will learn how to create frame on your UML (or any other) diagrams.

To create frame in online web diagram:

  1. Press More Shapes… button at the bottom of the diagram palette.

    Select More Shapes in diagram palette

  2. Select Sequence diagram tool under UML group and press Apply button.

    Select Sequence Diagram tool

  3. Select the Frame tool and put it into your diagram.

    Select Frame tool and put it to diagram

  4. Go to top right of the diagram editor to open the Format Panel.

    Open Format Panel

  5. Select the frame in diagram, and change the Type property under Style tab to your desired frame type.

    Edit frame type

  6. Double click on the frame header to edit its name.

    Double click to edit frame name


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