Cannot connect Visual Paradigm Desktop Client to VP Online repository

When try to connect to VP Online but button was being disabled…

Both signup and login buttons being disabled when trying to access VP Online

This is caused the workspace of your Visual Paradigm client was configured to work with the Local Workspace (embedded personalized server). Since each Visual Paradigm workspace can only connect to one repository, as it connected to embedded server then it cannot connect to VP Online. To solve this problem:

  1. Go to Help > Switch Workspace.

    Create a new workspace

  2. Specify the path of the new workspace folder.

    Specify the new workspace folder

  3. After that Visual Paradigm client will restart itself into new workspace folder.
  4. Once Visual Paradigm restarted, you can go to Team > Select Repository > VP Online to signup login to VP Online.

    Signup to VP Online

  5. Or if you already a member in VP Online then you can select Team > Select Repository > Existing Registered User to login to your VP Online.

    Login to existing VP Online workspace

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