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Defining Default Documentation Template for Model Element

A template enables you to retrieve and display information about your model elements. You can use a documentation template to generate documentation on different model elements of the same type. By creating a documentation template, you can also customize the content and presentation of your documentation of specific model element type.

How to Make HTML Content Rendered in Preview Shape

Visual Paradigm considers that showing the html content in preview shape, to a large extent, is one of the reasons of slowing down the operation of an application. The preview shapes in all VP products, therefore, don’t show the html content by default. For the sake of users, VP products enable users to change this […]

How to Write Testable Requirements in Requirement Diagram

Requirements of requirement diagram just present those requirements requested by customers into visual form for ease of understanding and management, but do not demonstrate if those requirements meet customers’ need. Why not write testable requirements to verify the requirements of a software program or system? During testing, the testers are expected to follow the testing […]

Share Models between Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram

A class diagram shows a set of classes, interfaces and their relationships and illustrates the static design view of a system, while a sequence diagram shows the sequence of actions that occurs in a system and illustrates the dynamic view of a system. With Visual Paradigm Desktop, you can easily share the models between class diagram and […]