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Import System Requirements from Excel

Agilian supports exporting and importing Microsoft Excel file. You can edit model element names and properties easily within Excel. This article is going to show you how to export requirement diagram to Excel file, edit properties and create a few more requirements in tabular format, and then import them back to Agilian.

Specify Default Fill color for Shapes

All the model elements in most diagrams are blue by default. In some cases, you may want to distinguish a specific model element, for instance, a note from others by setting a default color for it. In this article, we will demonstrate how to specify default fill color for a note in UML class diagram.

Solution to the Failure of Commiting/ Updating Project with SVN on Window 7 and Window 2008 Server [Obsolete]

Team collaboration development on SVN had been discontinued starting from Visual Paradigm version 13.0 Since the file system of Window 7 and Window 2008 Server has been changed recently, thereby, you may encounter difficulties of committing or updating your project with SVN. What you can resolve the problem directly is to disable indexing. In this […]