Filter Model Element by Tagged Values in Doc. Composer

With Doc. Composer you can create custom templates to filter out particular model elements in your project and output its details into document. In this article you will learn how to filter the model elements by its element type and tagged values. We will use ArchiMate Application Component as example and demonstrate how to extract the Application Component with tagged value Financial Management (FM) set to true from your project (Application Component in green in diagram below). Read more

Create Entity-Relationship Diagram Using Open API

Entity-relationship modelling (ER model) becomes handy when building a data base. An ER diagram is being used to indicate relations between different entities in a data base. This article will show you how to create an Entity-Relationship Diagram using Open API.

The ERD going to create by the plugin

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Create Frame in Web Diagram

VP Online provides diagram editor for user to create various kind of diagrams (UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, ERD, AWS, Azure, etc…) via web browser. In this article you will learn how to create frame on your UML (or any other) diagrams.

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Delete custom Doc. Composer Templates

Doc. Composer templates allow user to customize how the model data being generated into documents. For standalone users or team collaboration users with proper permission he can freely make change or create customize templates. In case the template become outdated and wrongly created he can then remove it from repository. In this article we will show you how to remove the Doc. Composer templates in the repository. Read more

Create Decision Table using Open API

Decision Table is a handy tool to present the business rules and regulations. It present the rules in tabular form which make it become an extremely easy to use reference resource on business decisions and system logics. Decision Tables is supported starting from the Professional Edition of Visual Paradigm. Besides create it manually over Visual Paradigm’s client you can also do it programmatically using Open API. This article will demonstrate how to create Decision Table using Open API.

The decision table going to create by the plugin

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How to rename your team collaboration project in VP Desktop

In VP Desktop you can rename your team collaboration project (either in VP Online or on-premises Teamwork Server) in the following way. Read more

How to reset your VP Online password

tomcat-thumbVP Online (former VPository) is a cloud-based collaboration platform provided by Visual Paradigm. The enterprise-strength collaborative platform provides software development teams with 1 GB FREE storage to store their software design. Team members can work with VP Online either using VP Desktop client, or directly using browser. You have full permission to manage your VP Online over the web, including manage of member accounts. In case you lost your password you can easily reset it over the web interface. This article describe how to reset your password via the web interface. Read more

Why I cannot control the width of the pool in my Business Process Diagram?

In my business process diagram the horizontal pool always spend the full length of the diagram and I cannot resize it. Why this happen and how can I reduce the length of the pool?

Cannot resize pool

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Split lifeline activation bar to model focus of control

In sequence diagram it is very common to use the activation bar to model the focus of control in runtime. In Visual Paradigm by default the activation bar of the lifeline will extend automatically along with its incoming and outgoing messages.

Sequence Diagram with activation bar on lifeline

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