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Cannot backup VP Server after upgrade to new version

After upgrade VP Server to new version then the backup script become fail to work with following (or similar) error. [message] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory [message] at v.bsr.as.<clinit>(:15) [message] at v.bsr.az.<init>(:783) [message] at v.bsr.bk.<init>(:253) [message] at v.bsr.bk.a(:94) [message] at v.sj.bz.a(:252) [message] at v.sy.c.a(:164) [message] at v.ayi.e.c(:267) [message] at v.ayi.e.a(:99) [message] at migration.ExportVPServerMain.<init>(:266) [message] at migration.ExportVPServerMain.main(:24) [message] Caused […]

Data Visualization with Google Sheets

Visual Paradigm support visualize your data into various charts. This feature gives you valuable insights to your data. The data can be visualized by entering with the build-in spreadsheet tool, upload of Excel file, or directly link from Google Sheets. In this article we will show you how to feed in data to your chart […]

Drill down elaboration on Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map (CJM) is a powerful customer experience (CX) tool which helps to study customer experience by visualize their thoughts and feelings though the touchpoints. It helps businesses understanding the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of their customer. In Visual Paradigm the CJM is not a standalone tool, it can further link up with other […]

Specify default diagram for your Doc. Field

Fill-in Doc in Visual Paradigm’s Doc. Composer is a powerful tool which allow Visual Paradigm inject diagram and model information into your Microsoft Word document. In your Word document you only need to define the Doc. Fields (special tags) for data injection. When the Doc. Composer engine go through your document it will replace the […]