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How to clear System Proxy Setting

Visual Paradigm may store two set of proxy information for user, one is specified by user under Application Options, and the other is specified by administrator during silent/bulk installation (as the default proxy). For Application Options proxy user can modify or remove it simply within the Application Options dialog. But for proxy specified by administrator […]

Unable to connect to Visual Paradigm’s Server over Internet

There are several services in Visual Paradigm Desktop client require to connect to Visual Paradigm’s server on Internet, including Software activation Signup/connect to VP Online repository Access to Community Circle Download sample diagram templates Download help resources Some users may experience problem that their VP Desktop client unable to connect to Visual Paradigm’s server even […]

How to Enable Tabular Feature on On-Premises Teamwork Server

Visual Paradigm Tabular allow user collect, organize and extra data into spreadsheet. It allow user insert large collection of data and then perform analysis, and further transform into visual presentation such as charts, reports, tables, etc. At the moment the Tabular feature is only available for online. Even user with on-premises Teamwork Server they also […]

Adjust number of users to be listed in DS Connector when connecting to Active Directory

Visual Paradigm Online and the on-premises Teamwork Server support integrate with Active Directory using Visual Paradigm’s DS Connector to perform user authentication. During setup you can select the users from your Active Directory to join your VP Online/Teamwork Server. Some users may experience a problem that they can only list out the first 1000 users […]

Output Entity’s Sample Data using Doc. Composer

There is one special feature in Visual Paradigm’s Entity Relationship Diagram which is allow user defining sample data along with the entity model. This allow Visual Paradigm’s engine not just generate database schema from model, but also insert sample data into database so that user can immediately trying on the database. With both schema and […]