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Present data in your model using image

Visual Paradigm’s Doc. Composer allow user output their models into HTML, PDF and MS Word documents. By create custom templates user can even control what data to be shown, and how it should be formatted. In this article we will demonstrate how to generate document by use image to present the values in your models.

Using Reference Path for JDBC Driver in Database Connection

Visual Paradigm support connect to various database server to perform database engineering, including forward and reverse engineering between database and entity relationship diagram (ERD). During the process user will need to connect Visual Paradigm with their database via JDBC connection. A JDBC driver file will involve in the database connection setting. For team environment you […]

How to configure VP Server’s Content Repository accept HTTPS connection

Starting from v16.0 the on-premises VP Server comes with a new module called Content Repository, which is responsible to support the new VP Form features. By default the Content Repository is configured for HTTP connection only. To make the Content Repository works with HTTPS connection you will need to adjust the configuration in the following […]