How to Share Report Composer Templates Effectively with VP Teamwork Server [Obsolete]

This article is out-dated. For user on Visual Paradigm 12.1 or above please refer to How to Share Doc. Composer Templates with your Teammates for details about how to share your templates.

Share Report Composer template Report Composer allows you to develop reports tailored to your company/industry requirements and standards. You can decide the project data to show in a report as well as to control the flow of content. You can decide the document component (e.g. table, plain paragraph, etc) to use as well as to “decorate” them with proper styles. All these can be achieved easily by writing your own templates, or by editing those pre-defined.

All Visual Paradigm modeling software come with a rich set of pre-defined Report Composer templates, fulfilling most of the fundamental reporting needs. Users can customize them for specialized reporting requirements. Moreover, templates can be shared across the team to maintain a common standard for reports produced by different team members.

In this article, we will see how to share report composer template effectively with Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server. In order to perform the steps outlined below, you need to have both the modeling software (VP-UML/Agilian/Logizian) and Teamwork Server Corporate Edition ready.

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Revert Local Change to Server Latest Revision

This article will show you how to give up local changes and update to latest server revision. This tutorial is prepared in Visual Paradigm for UML but should be also work in Agilian and Logizian with same step.

Personalize Database Connection Settings to Aid in Team Development

When a development team is developing a system that requires accessing a database, it is a common practice to setup local databases on each of the development environment and populate them with all the required schema of the system so that developers can develop and test the function they implement with test data in their own database, rather than working with actual data with production database.

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How to Modify Default Port Used by VP Server

VP Server is a web application including Teamwork Server, Floating License Server, Update Server also the ElaborView Server. You can enable different services by setting up one single server. The VP Server can be setup in two ways, either with our standard package which comes with a well configured Apache Tomcat, or with the Web Application package by deploy it to your own servlet container.

By default VP Server run on port 1999. But in some situation you may want to change it to other port, i.e. conflict with some of your existing services. This article will teach you how to modify the default port for VP Server web application. Read more

Adjust Memory Settings for Teamwork Server

When Teamwork Server starts, it will reserve certain amount of memory from your system. This memory allocation setting can be specified inside the launching script of the server. Read more

How to Reset Teamwork Server/ License Server Admin Password [Obsolete]

This article is out-dated and is only for VP Server prior to version 5.3. For version 5.3 or newer user please refer to How to Reset Admin Password for VP Server for details about how to reset the Admin password of the server.

In case you forget your administrator’s password, Teamwork Server/ License Server enables users to reset their password. This article will teach you how reset your administrator’s password in file.

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Import Diagram into Teamwork Project

When you are working as a team member, the designs (diagrams) you draw in your project will be committed to server and will also be visible to other people in the team. Sometimes, you want to sketch out new ideas but without having them visible to other people as the sketches are just raw designs. One good way to perform sketching is to do it in a new project rather than the working one. At the end, import the needed part(s) back to the teamwork project and commit it to server to make it visible to others.

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Checkout project from SSL subversion server [Obsolete]

Team collaboration development on Subversion had been discontinued starting from Visual Paradigm version 13.0

This article teaches you how to checkout project from self singed SSL subversion server.

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Overview of Team Collaboration Support

Team collaboration development on CVS, SVN, Perforce and ClearCase had been discontinued starting from Visual Paradigm version 13.0

Visual Paradigm supports collaborative and concurrent modeling, and versioning of works in the following ways:

In this page, we will have an overview on how administrator and team members can work together with Visual Paradigm’s team collaborative features, and to clarify some of the major concepts in collaborative modeling.

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