Installing and Removing Floating License Service

You can install floating license server as a Windows service, the floating license server will result in automatically starting up when you start Windows. On the other hand, you can remove this service as you don’t want it to be started when you start Windows. This article will show how to install and then remove floating license service. Normally this can be done by execute the install_service and remove_service script inside the scripts folder under the floating license server installation directory. But if you experienced problem on running these 2 scripts, probably it is caused by some configuration issue on your machine. This article will show how to overcome this problem and to install and remove floating license server service.

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Updating Visual Paradigm Academic Partnership [Obsolete]

This article is out-dated. Please refer to Renew Product Subscription for Academic Partners for details about how to update Visual Paradigm Academic Partnership.

Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Program offers academic licenses for students to use Visual Paradigm products in their homework and assignments. Partnerships are valid for a year. Partners can extend the partnership, upgrade the partnership or subscribe more products in the Customer Service Center. In this page, you will see how to update the partnership.

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Resolving the Problem of Opening VP-UML in Eclipse via Launcher File

After you open SDE, you may wonder how come the system asks you to start SDE-EC. The main reason is that the projects in SDE and Eclipse are in direct proportion respectively. Normally, you should open Eclipse and create a Java project in advance. Since you open SDE in shortcut, the system thereby asks you to start SDE-EC again.

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Two Solutions to the Problem of Setting Default Workspace

Some users may encounter this problem: after they set their preferred workspace as default in the Workspace Launcher dialog box, the default setting doesn’t change. The Workspace Launcher dialog box keeps popping up and shows the undesired workspace when they re-open the VP tool. The main problem is that they do not have the full permission to change the setting for default workspace. In this page, we will provide two solutions to deal with this problem.

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Solution to the Failure of Commiting/ Updating Project with SVN on Window 7 and Window 2008 Server [Obsolete]

Team collaboration development on SVN had been discontinued starting from Visual Paradigm version 13.0

Since the file system of Window 7 and Window 2008 Server has been changed recently, thereby, you may encounter difficulties of committing or updating your project with SVN. What you can resolve the problem directly is to disable indexing. In this page, you can learn how to disable indexing when you fail to commit or update project with SVN on Window 7 and Window 2008 Server.

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Checkout project from SSL subversion server [Obsolete]

Team collaboration development on Subversion had been discontinued starting from Visual Paradigm version 13.0

This article teaches you how to checkout project from self singed SSL subversion server.

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Choose a Different Dictionary in Spell Checking

The built-in spell checking feature of VP-UML/Agilian/Logizian helps ensure the correctness of model element names and documentation by marking those unrecognized words with red underlining. It works for numerous languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to change the language of dictionary from American English, which is the default option, to British English.

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Advanced Printing Features of Logizian

Along with the basic printing setup, Logizian enables you to perform various additional functions in order to print the size of your diagram at its best. This article is mainly concerned with adjusting page margin, printing with multiple page mode and printing with clip marks.

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