How to Upgrade Teamwork Server to New Version

The Teamwork Server is a central repository for performing team collaborative development on your UML, business process, database design and enterprise architecture projects which is done with Visual Paradigm’s modeling software. In order to perform team collaborative development, both the client modeling software as well as the server need to be run in the same version. This article will teach you how to upgrade your Teamwork Server v5.3 or later (a module of VP Server) into new version. Read more

How to Perform Code Engineering with VP-UML and Eclipse on Mac OS X

A great software design lead to a great piece of software product. With the help of VP-UML, Mac users can design software system on their Mac easily. What’s more, VP-UML’s supports both code generation and reverse engineering, which aid in the seamless transition between software design and source code. Its Hibernate support also makes database application development much easier by producing the object layer (both library and code) essential in building a database application in an object-oriented fashion. In this article, we will demonstrate the various ways of source code generation with VP-UML. Eclipse IDE will be used at the parts that involve coding.

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How to Upgrade VP-UML (With Single Seat License) to New Version [Obsolete]

This article is out-dated. Please refer to How to upgrade Visual Paradigm (with Single Seat License) to New Version for details about how to update your single seat licensed Visual Paradigm to latest version.
Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) was discontinued since the product amalgamation in version 11.1. More details can be found at

From time to time Visual Paradigm release new version to Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) which cover bunch of new features and enhancements. Thanks to the maintenance contract system, you can upgrade to new version without extra cost as long as your license is covered by maintenance contract. This article will teach you how to upgrade your single seat license of VP-UML to new version. Read more

How to Hide out the Name of Association in Class Diagram

Association is one of the key elements for constructing class model. It is not just a line relating 2 classes but also carrying lots of information describing their relationship. Giving a meaningful name to the association would help to make it easier to understand. Visual Paradigm allows you to show and hide the name of the association in a flexible way. Read more

How to Evaluate Different Editions of VP Products [Obsolete]

During evaluation you may want to try out different editions of the software to see which one fit for your needs. In the old version you can launch the Product Edition Manager to switch the edition of the installed software. Starting from version 10 SP1 release you can do this directly within the application. To switch the edition: Read more

Enhance Font Display on MacBook Pro with Retina Display

User with latest MacBook Pro with Retina display may experience blurry fonts when running Visual Paradigm software.

Standard display (left) and Retina display (right)

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How to Perform Silent Installation on Visual Paradigm’s Product (Archived for VP Suite)

Visual Paradigm’s product can be installed in few clicks. But in some situation, say bulk installation, you may not want to install the software one by one through the installer. In this case you can use the silent install mechanism to install the software automatically. This tutorial will teach you how to perform silent installation of VP’s software. Read more

Unable to Launch VP Software Installer on Mountain Lion

User running the latest Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) may experience problem that unable to mount the VP’s software installer image.

Warning when mounting VP’s software installer image

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How to Reset Admin Password for VP Server

In the event that the admin password for your existing VP Server is lost and cannot be retrieved, there is a way to reset it. This tutorial will show you how.

For VP Server older than version 5.3, please refer here.

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How to upgrade VP Server (Prior to version 5.3)

With the latest release of VP Server 5.3, you might choose to upgrade from your existing server. To migrate properly, one must follow specific procedures to carry over vital information such as the current repository and user accounts to the new server.

This tutorial will walk you through how to do just that.

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