Setup Floating License Server as System Service on Linux

You can setup the Floating License Server as Linux system service. By setting up the server as service, it will start automatically when your machine boots up. This article will show you how to setup the floating license server as Linux system service. Read more

Why Cannot Install Both SDE and DB-VA on the Same IDE [Obsolete]

VP Suite installer is the installation program for installing all Visual Paradigm’s client software. During installation you may notices that there are both SDE and DB-VA products available. Read more

Show and Hide Resource Icons

Resource centric icons are a set of graphical icons that appear in diagram to help you perform certain functions in quick. A well known kind of resource icon is those surrounding shapes, helping you to create new shape from an existing one, with connection added in between. There are also other kinds of resource icons, which help perform operations like to align shapes, to pin a connector end, to create reference/sub-diagram or to split a connector by introducing a new shape.
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Performance Boost for Your Large Project

Sometimes, users experienced the application running slow when the size of the model grows. This probably caused by the project is not well organized, which causes necessary operations in run-time. Visual Paradigm incorporate some smart features helps you to model a big system in an efficient way, and below are few tips helps you to organize your models inside your project.

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Adjust Memory Settings for Teamwork Server

When Teamwork Server starts, it will reserve certain amount of memory from your system. This memory allocation setting can be specified inside the launching script of the server. Read more

Show Diagram’s Project Management Properties in Diagram Info Shape

Diagram info shape provides a place to document and display diagram information in diagram. You can add diagram info shape to any diagram to document a diagram.

Project management properties are a set pre-defined properties, made for recording additional management-level information for all kinds of project data.

With diagram info shape, you can show in diagram the project management properties of that diagram, through the use of variables. In this article, you will see how to apply those variables.

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How to Reset Teamwork Server/ License Server Admin Password [Obsolete]

This article is out-dated and is only for VP Server prior to version 5.3. For version 5.3 or newer user please refer to How to Reset Admin Password for VP Server for details about how to reset the Admin password of the server.

In case you forget your administrator’s password, Teamwork Server/ License Server enables users to reset their password. This article will teach you how reset your administrator’s password in file.

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Switching Edition Using Product Edition Manager [Obsolete]

The Product Edition Manager for Visual Paradigm Suite (VP Suite) offers a choice to activate specific edition of the installed Visual Paradigm product(s). Changing product edition is particularly necessary when you want to test the functionalities supported by different editions of the installed product(s). This article discuss how to switch product edition by Product Edition Manager. Let’s see how we can switch product edition in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Import Diagram into Teamwork Project

When you are working as a team member, the designs (diagrams) you draw in your project will be committed to server and will also be visible to other people in the team. Sometimes, you want to sketch out new ideas but without having them visible to other people as the sketches are just raw designs. One good way to perform sketching is to do it in a new project rather than the working one. At the end, import the needed part(s) back to the teamwork project and commit it to server to make it visible to others.

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How to Duplicate a UML Diagram

You can clone a source diagram into your target diagram, so that you can make modify the diagram without affecting the source diagram. This article will demonstrate how to clone a  diagram using VP-UML and modify the diagram afterward.

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