Adjust maximum number of connector limit for layout the diagram

Layout of diagram is a resource intensive action. By default Visual Paradigm set the limit to handle maximum 300 connectors in single diagram when perform layout. If your diagram got more than 300 connectors then the following message will be shown when you try to perform layout.

Layout diagram hitting maximum number of connector limit

Layout diagram hitting maximum number of connector limit

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Switching Edition of Visual Paradigm

tomcat-thumbChanging product edition is particularly necessary when you want to test the functionalities supported by different editions of Visual Paradigm during evaluation period, or reserve license in particular edition for your teammate when running in floating license environment. This article will show you how to switch the edition of your Visual Paradigm software. Read more

How to Migrate to Visual Paradigm 15.2 Work Item Composer?

Starting from Visual Paradigm 15.2, a new work item authoring mechanism has been introduced, which makes the entire authoring process more seamless and effortless. It is recommended that users who upgraded from earlier versions start using the new Work Item Composer for authoring. Below we will walk you through the details.

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How to solve the problem on cannot enter non-English characters to Story Map on Mac

Some Mac users may experience problem on unable to enter non-English characters into story map. To solve this problem:

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How to change the user account for VP Server database

VP Server using database plus file system to store its configuration data and model information (for Teamwork Server user). VP Server can be configure to run with embedded database, or using external database such as MySQL, Maria DB, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL. In case VP Server is configured to run with external database and the connection info need to be changed, i.e. change to a new password due to password policy, user can follow the steps below to alter database connection info for their VP Server. Read more

How to rename VP Server Database

VP Server is a central repository for provide various service to user performing team collaboration development. VP Server using a database plus file system to store its data. The following article explains how user can rename the VP Server database if their VP Server is configured to run with external database (SQL Server, Maria DB, SQL Server and PostgreSQL).

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Unable to install Visual Paradigm on Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave

Some user got the complaint from their Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave that the Visual Paradigm installation file they just downloaded was being damaged.

Error on install Visual Paradigm on OS X 10.14

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Subscribed to VP Online but my account still shows I’m using Express Edition?

I’ve already subscribed to VP Online but my account still shows I’m on the free Express Edition!? This probably caused by your licenses is subscribed on a different email address. You can associate your subscribed license to your existing VP Online account. To do this:

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How to bring Visual Paradigm’s Modeling menu back in IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2

Visual Paradigm support integrate the modeling environment into different IDEs, including the latest IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2. But for some reason the Visual Paradigm’s Modeling menu may not able to show in IntelliJ IDEA’s main menu bar.

Visual Paradigm’s Modeling menu missing in IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2

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