How to setup VP Server on 32 bit system

tomcat-thumbVP Server is a server application which included the Teamwork Server, Floating License Server and Update Server. As 64 bit system already become the majority player, starting from version 13.0 VP Server no longer offer 32 bit installation package. But even the 32 bit installation package was no longer offered, you can still setup VP Server on a 32 bit environment. This article will teach you how to setup a VP Server on a 32 bit system. Read more

Setup VP Server with SQL Server

tomcat-thumbVP Server is a server application which included the Teamwork Server, Floating License Server and Update Server. Instead of setup these server applications one by one; they can be setup via the single VP Server package. VP Server using database for storing the settings and configurations, such as teamwork user account, history for check-in & check-out of project files, floating license status, etc. You can setup VP Server with an embedded database, or using some popular DBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. This article will teach you how to setup a Microsoft SQL Server database for the VP Server. We will use the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition to demonstrate how it works. Read more

Exporting documents via command line showing old content?

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm’s command line interface allow user to perform various actions without manually controlling the application. For example, user can using command line interface to instruct VP to download revision from VPository and generate the models into document. When generating documents user may experience a situation that the resulting document was not showing the most up-to-date content. This is caused by the Refresh before export flag haven’t being turn on in the document. To turn on the Refresh before export flag: Read more

How to reorder diagrams when export to a single PDF file

Visual Paradigm support exporting multiples diagrams into a single PDF file in just few clicks. This allow user easily deliver their diagrams to stakeholders for a quick review. By default the diagrams in exported PDF are ordered according to their type, but user can customize it by using logical view. To do this: Read more

How to change the location of UML models in IDE integration environment

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm IDE Integration allows user to run Visual Paradigm embedded in various popular IDEs, including Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio. When running Visual Paradigm embedded in IDE, by default the Visual Paradigm project file will be stored inside the IDE project. To change the location of Visual Paradigm project file associated with your IDE project:


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Visual Paradigm not launching on Mac OS X Sierra

This probably caused by you have downloaded the InstallFree package instead of the software installer. The Visual Paradigm InstallFree package is specific for the compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 or prior release. Please download the DMG package of Visual Paradigm for running on Mac OS X Sierra. To download and install from the DMG package: Read more

Updating your Visual Paradigm software on Mac

Starting from version 13.2 Visual Paradigm had improved the installer for Mac platform and now support installing the software by drag & drop the App into Applications folder.

Visual Paradigm installed by drag & drop into Applications folder

Visual Paradigm installed by drag & drop into Applications folder

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Solution to Installation Failure on Linux

When you fail to install your application on Linux, it is because the installer you downloaded doesn’t fit with your OS. For instance, you are using 64 bits Linux, but you installed 32 bits installer. You will probably see the following screenshot that shows you fail to install the application:

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How to Perform Silent Installation on Visual Paradigm

tomcat-thumbVisual Paradigm can be installed via Visual Paradigm’s installer in few clicks. But in some situation, say bulk installation, you may not want to install the software one by one through the installer.  In this case you can use the silent install mechanism to install the software automatically. This article will teach you how to perform silent installation of Visual Paradigm. Read more

Setting up Floating License and License server on Mac

coverFloating license enables users to share the Visual Paradigm concurrently based on the limit of concurrent access specified on the floating license. In order to access the floating license, you need to install the VP Server and enable its Floating License Server Module in your Local Area Network in advance. This article will demonstrate how to download, install and configure VP Server and enable the Floating License Server module on Mac environment.


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