How to reset model element ID and ID generator

tomcat-thumbHaving unique ID for your model elements are extremely useful in structure of your models in systematic way, also ease the communications with your teams. Visual Paradigm support generate unique ID for all model elements. Once configured, unique ID will be assigned to the model element upon creation. But during your development process the ID of your model elements could become cluttered (i.e. model elements being deleted) and the ID no longer generated in sequence. To solve this problem you can reset the ID of your model elements as well as the index in the ID generator. Read more

How to stop the recurring payment of your subscription

Visual Paradigm license subscription service allows users to rent and use Visual Paradigm/ArchiMetric on monthly basis. By default the license subscription will be settle with automatic recurring payment with your credit card in order to keep it alive. You can stop the recurring payment and switch back to manual payment mode from your Customer Service Center account. Read more

Perform IDE Integration with ArchiMetric [Obsolete]

Since version 14.0 ArchiMetric had been replaced by Visual Paradigm Enterprise.

tomcat-thumbArchiMetric (former Visual Paradigm Enterprise Edition) is an all-in-one software and system development tool for end-to-end information technology system modeling. ArchiMetric comes with all the essential tools you need for Enterprise Architecture, such as ArchiMate, Zachman Framework, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), UML and more…. Similar to Visual Paradigm the ArchiMetric also support integrate with various IDE and allow you to perform requirement capturing, analysis and design as well as development within a single environment. But since the IDE integration is not the primary goal for enterprise architecture modeling users, the IDE integration menu is somehow a little bit hidden. Read more

Get Version Upgrades for Your Visual Paradigm Product

Keep upgrading your Visual Paradigm product means to keep your work up-to-date, because every time a new version is available, it comes with tons of new and powerful features, all for improving your productivity and the quality of work.

In order to keep your Visual Paradigm product up-to-date, make sure your software maintenance contract is active. Within the software maintenance period, you can upgrade your software to the latest versions with no additional cost, no matter how many versions will be released within the maintenance period. Note that the price for renewing active maintenance is cheaper than reinstate expired maintenance.

Extending or buying software maintenance can be done in the Customer Service Center. This article will instruct how to renew your maintenance step by step.

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How to upgrade Visual Paradigm with old JRE 1.6 to new version

Don’t panic if you see the error message during upgrade of your Visual Paradigm to version 13.0.

Unable to upgrade to version 13.0

Unable to upgrade to version 13.0

This problem is caused by your Visual Paradigm client was upgraded form very old version and by that time it was using JRE 1.6 as the runtime. For long time ago Visual Paradigm already changed to bundle JRE 1.7 (and JRE 1.8 for Mac). Unfortunately the Visual Paradigm Update can only help to update VP software itself, but not the runtime. To deliver better features some libraries used by Visual Paradigm was upgraded in version 13.0. Unfortunately they are not compatible with the old JRE 1.6. For user experienced this problem can follow the steps below to reinstall your Visual Paradigm to version 13.0. Read more

Unable to upgrade VP Server to version 13.0 (or newer)

Some users may experience problem that VP Server fail to run after upgrade to version 13.0, or server remain in its current version after upgrade. This problem is caused by the VP Server is still running with the old JRE1.6. For deliver better features some libraries used by VP Server was being upgraded. Unfortunately they are not compatible with the old JRE 1.6. For users experienced problem on upgrade server can take the following steps to upgrade your server to version 13.0: Read more

Unable to import Enterprise Architect Project

In some environment the import of Enterprise Architect project may refuse to run with the following error.

Unable to import Enterprise Architect project

Unable to import Enterprise Architect project

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How to reset Visual Paradigm Subscription password

Visual Paradigm’s product subscription plan allows user to rent and use Visual Paradigm on monthly basis. By joining the subscription plan user will receive a long ID and password for online activate the software. In case you have loss your password you can reset it with the following ways. Read more

Showing newly added class members/entity columns to other views

Visual Paradigm project is running in model repository basis, where a model element in the project can presented in different diagrams, we call each of its presentation as a view. Making changes on one of the view will automatically reflect to other views in your project.

Member not showing in all views

Member not showing in all views

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How to Downgrade Visual Paradigm Project File to Older Version

Once you saved your old version project in new version software, you can no longer open it in the old version software. Similarly, the project you created by new version software will not be able to open by older version software. However, in case you want to open new version project in older version software, we will provide two possible ways to downgrade your project file to older version in the following paragraphs.

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